ECCO News keeps ECCO Members up-to-date on what is going on within the organisation and reports on IBD activities taking place within Europe. Since Spring 2006, ECCO News has maintained the flow of information between Members of the organisation. 

ECCO News is an important part of the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation’s ambition to create a European standard of IBD care and to promote knowledge and research in the field of IBD. 

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Abstract Awards at the 14th Congress of ECCO

Another record number of abstracts has been submitted for the 14th Congress of ECCO. Out of 1,222 submitted scientific abstracts, 1,012 abstracts have been accepted.

Of these abstracts, 38 have been selected as Oral Presentations during the Scientific Programme and another 90 were selected as Digital Oral Presentations. ECCO Committee Members reviewed each of these presentations to select the winners of the Top 10 DOPs, IIS Abstract Awards, and the Y-ECCO Abstract Awards.

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The 14th Congress of ECCO in numbers

8,034 delegates attended the 14th Congress of ECCO in Copenhagen

The 14th Congress of ECCO – Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 2019, held on March 6-9, 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark, attracted a total number of 8,034 delegates from 98 different countries. Since the inaugural ECCO Congress in 2006 in Amsterdam, at which there were 350 delegates, participant numbers have steadily increased, as shown in the graph below:

2019 Congress Participation
ECCO Congress participation 2006-2019 © ECCO

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ECCO News Editors’ Summary of the ECCO’19 Scientific Programme

Willem Bemelman, ECCO News Editor; Nuha Yassin & Ignacio Catalán-Serra, ECCO News Associate Editors

Willem BemelmanWillem Bemelman 
Nuha Yassin v3Nuha Yassin 
Ignacio Catalán Serra 2019Ignacio Catalán-Serra
© Ignacio Catalán-Serra

ECCO’19 Copenhagen welcomed the record number of participants – 8034 – by offering the three-day Scientific Programme “Research drives clinical care”, 16 educational courses, and a poster exhibition of 860 hard copy posters, as well as a platform for 45 exhibitors and for innumerable business meetings.

One of these meetings also brought the new ECCO News Editors team together in order to plan for the publication year 2019.



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Introduction of the new ECCO Associate Editors

Nuha Yassin & Ignacio Catalán-Serra, ECCO News Associate Editors

Nuha Yassin v3
Nuha Yassin 
Ignacio Catalán Serra 2019
Ignacio Catalán-Serra
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Nuha and Ignacio have been recently appointed as the new ECCO News Associate Editors and will be working with the ECCO Office as well as the General Secretary (Willem Bemelman) to bring you new format and content to ECCO News. This will start with this first issue of the year providing you with a summary of the oral presentations given at the recent ECCO 2019 Congress in Copenhagen. 

Nuha and Ignacio would welcome your ideas on what you would like to read on ECCO News and would appreciate it if you could either contact them directly or email the ECCO Office with your suggestions.

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Letter from the ECCO President

Silvio Danese, ECCO President

Silvio Danese
Silvio Danese

Dear ECCO Family,


I want to personally thank everyone who attended the ECCO Congress in Copenhagen.  ECCO 2019 can proudly be defined as the biggest IBD meeting in the world. I am very happy about the increasing number of participants, which this year totalled 8034 from 98 countries. ECCO 2019 once again offered top science, with 144 abstracts presented and 1012 abstracts accepted. And obviously, a special thank you is due to all the invited speakers for their outstanding presentations and to the ECCO Committee Members for ensuring the success of the meeting.


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In Memoriam - Dr. Wolfgang Eigner

✝ 10 March 2019

Wolfi Eigner Foto  Wolfgang Eigner

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

It is with regret and great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our dear colleague and friend Dr. Wolfgang Eigner in his early thirties.

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In Memoriam - Professor Igor Khalif

✝ 18 February 2019

khalif  Igor Khalif

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

February 18, 2019, Russian IBD Study society and the entire medical community of Russia suffered an irreparable loss. Professor Igor Khalif, Head of the Department of inflammatory and functional bowel diseases of Russian State Center of Coloproctology died after a serious illness. It is a great grief and a huge pain not only for his family and friends, but for all his colleagues and like-minded people, not only in Russia, but abroad. 

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In Memoriam - Professor Satish Keshav

16 August 1962 - 23 January 2019

Satish  Satish Keshav

It is with overwhelming sadness that the death of Satish Keshav, Oxford IBD specialist, scientist, teacher, mentor to many, friend and colleague, is reported. 

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News from BIOCYCLE

Edouard Louis

Edouard Louis  Edouard Louis

BIOCYCLE includes a randomised three-arm, controlled clinical trial on 300 patients in five European countries, several patient and health care provider surveys in Europe and the United States, a biomarker research programme and pharmaco-economic analysis. ECCO is mainly involved in the monitoring of the project (through SciCom and ClinCom) and is the work package leader for dissemination of the results. BIOCYCLE is a 6-year-long project and was launched in April 2015.  

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ECCO Country Member Profiles: Slovenia

David Drobne and Gregor Novak, ECCO National Representatives, Slovenia



Name of group: There is no separate group for IBD. The disease is covered under the national organisation named the Slovenian Association for Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
Number of active members: 75
Number of meetings per year:
President: Stojan Potrč
National Representatives: David Drobne and Gregor Novak
Joined ECCO in: 2008
Incidence of IBD in the country (if available): UC 6.8/100,000, CD 5.7/100,000, total incidence including UBDU 13.7/100,000 

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